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Reviews of Steven Rodemer, LLC

*These are a small sampling of over 150 five star reviews we’ve received from our clients. We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional client experience, but don’t take our word for it, check out our reviews on Google and Avvo.

There really are no words to express my gratitude

“To put it bluntly, Steve saved my life. There really are no words to adequately express my gratitude to Steve and his incredible staff. So, to give this review teeth, I think you first need to know the seriousness of the charges. I was falsely and deliberately accused of horrible and unthinkable acts. Charged with attempted murder in the 1st degree and 1st degree assault with a deadly weapon. Never having been in any kind of trouble, my knowledge of the legal system was limited and naive at best. I honestly thought they would investigate and it would all be over in a few days. I was wrong.

The first lawyer I hired wanted to “just make a deal” for 16-48 years in a state prison and collect his fee. The D.A. at Jefferson County…well let’s just say I had completely lost my faith in the great American legal system. After I fired my first lawyer and refused to make a deal and admit guilt to something I did not do, my family and I started searching for a lawyer outside of Jefferson county. We found Steve Rodemer!

From our first meeting he made me feel comfortable. I felt like I was with a Rugby buddy or sitting with my brother. I no longer felt like a case number or a file. Steve reminded me of the beauty of the American legal system. I am innocent until proven guilty. His confidence gave me confidence and more importantly, hope. Steve did more in the first week after taking my case then my previous lawyer did in the whole year of his so called representation of me.

Steve and his staff conducted a full and thorough investigation of everything and everyone, including me. He filed multiple motions on my behalf. He interviewed potential expert witnesses. Hell, he probably could have been his own expert witness, with his exceptional understanding of forensics. At every pre-trial hearing I felt more and more confident having Steve standing next to me. I actually felt like I was being represented, like I actually had a voice In the system. Steve made only one promise – “I will fight all the way” and he did! The way Steve interacted with my children and I, made us feel like he was personally vested in our family and our future. Steve’s actions, his speech, his emotions, it all made us feel like he wasn’t just fighting for his client, but fighting for a member of his family.

One of his more impressive qualities is his quick thinking and flexibility, which he exhibited during trial quite effectively. The way Steve handled himself at the trial was professional and yet so human. His interaction with the judge, the jury and the prosecution was amazing to watch, considering he had very little knowledge of the inner workings of Jefferson County courts. In the end, thanks to Steve and months of hard work, he and his team put in, the jury came back with a full acquittal, NOT GUILTY on all charges. When I tried to thank him, he just looked at me with that sideways grin of his and said – “I knew you were innocent, I just had to show them that…” Well Steve showed them! He executed his duties as my advocate with honor, class, dignity and professionalism. I owe Steve Rodemer a debt of gratitude I can never repay.
Thank you Steve, Emily, Andy and the rest of your amazing staff!”
Posted by Rene, a Domestic Violence Client client

Steve Rodemer saved my future

“Steven Rodemer is no doubt the best way to go. He actually cares about who he represents and goes way out of his way to assure that clients are happy. I was worried about what was going to happen to my name and my future until I hired Steven. After talking to him on our first meeting I was completely at ease. You CANNOT go wrong hiring him, if you’re in a situation that you need legal help, the smart move would be to hire Steven. I assure you that you will be thankful you did. He saved my name and my future! Steven went way out of his way to buy me a home surveillance system because of the issues I was having with an ex. What attorney do you know that is as professional as Steven and actually cares so much about his clients to do something like this?…. Exactly. Even a year down the road after everything blew over, Steven contacted me to make sure I was okay and everything was going smoothly for me. What a guy, such a great guy. Thanks Steven, thank you so much.”
Posted by Shelby, a Domestic Violence Client client

would emphatically recommend

“I would emphatically recommend Steve. My case came out so much better than I ever would have guessed. On my first meeting with him, prior to having my alcohol level, he laid out various scenarios about what we would do in differing situations. Sure enough, he did exactly what he said he would, only better. He lived up to every expectation. What really solidified my opinion was one morning in Court. I arrived about 30 minutes early and watched what was happening in to every other case. It seemed like everyone got the same deal regardless of the attorney, even other attorneys I had interviewed were just parading their clients up to the front and pleading guilty. Steve got to court and the Judge promptly called my case. Steve commanded the courtroom, explaining for the prosecutor why my DUI case was being pled down to a simple speeding ticket. The Judge didn’t bat an eye and accepted the plea (which I found out later is not normally allowed). After we were done as we were walking away, the Judge asked Steve about his baby, it was very clear to me that Steve is well liked and very well respected by everyone at the courthouse. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who would listen.”
By Kourtney, a DUI client

He is the man

“Steve explained the legal aspects of my case in terms I could understand. He was thorough and displayed excellent knowledge of the law. In addition, he was knowledgeable about the local ins and outs…he kept me in the know which minimized my concerns. If you want a fair shake, he is the man to get it for you.”
By Dick, a Criminal Defense client

Steve put me at ease right away

“Highly recommended. I was scared out of my mind, Steve put me at ease right away. The outcome of my case was better than I thought it would be. He kept me I the loop the whole time and always returned my calls. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this firm.”
By Robin, a DUI client

I’ve finally found an attorney we can use

“I hired Mr. Rodemer for my son’s felony cases. Unfortunately, my son has been in trouble a number of times, and I have had to use several attorneys in town, a total of 5 before Steve. I never got the impression that any of them were doing anything for us, and yet we were paying them a ton. My son is not a bad person, but he has some mental health issues that often create problems and he finds himself in trouble. Steve was compassionate and kind, without judging my son. But what impressed me most was that he actually did what he said he was going to. If we talked over the phone and he said he was going to file something, three days later, I would get a copy of what he filed in the mail. With the other attorneys it would always be the same response – ‘I changed my mind and decided that was something we wanted to file.’ The outcome on his case was better than it was the first time he was in trouble (which was much less serious). I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mr. Rodemer, I’ve finally found an attorney we can use.”
By Debbie, a Criminal Defense client

You can trust this firm

“I hired this firm on a recommendation of a friend I met in alcohol classes. He told me that these guys were great attorneys and really well known in town. I worked with Josh and Steve and they were both great. They were both DAs before they were defense attorneys and that experience really showed in how they dealt with the prosecutors and handled my case. You can trust this firm to do a nice job on your case.”
By Gabby, a DUI client.

I just can’t recommend them enough!!

“Steven and James where amazing. Our son was arrested and charged with a drug offence, a felony 1. He was looking at a mandtory 8 year minnium sentence. We where very scared and didn’t know what to do. He was a drug addict, but he needed help. He wasn’t a criminal and it was his first offence. I can’t express how panicked we where when we called Steve. He calmed us down over the phone and brought us is for a meeting. Steve and James took all the time we needed and explained all the possible outcomes. Then explained what was most likely. James was very patient with us and was always accessible. It was such a relief to have someone on our side. In the end they got our son in a drug program and probation. He has been clean and sober for 6 months and planning for a very bright future. I think this is exactly what he needed. Steve and James have both contacted us multiple times to check up on our son and see how he’s been doing. I think that shows that they really care. Thinking back to that first day we learned what he was charged with I am so thankful we called Steve. I just can’t recommend them enough!!”
Posted by Sean, a Criminal Defense Client

…every step of the way, he fought

“I would highly recommend Steve. I had a complicated car accident case that another firm in town initially took, then ‘fired’ me, because the insurance company denied liability and they realized they were going to have to do some work. Steve immediately filed a lawsuit, worked on the case, and three days before trial the insurance company offered the whole policy. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him, as every step of the way he fought to get me the best recovery he could.”
By Michelle, a Car Accident client

First attorney I dealt with to actually listen to me

“First attorney I dealt with to actually listen to me and give honest advice. It seemed like he cared about me and my case much more than other attorneys I’ve met with.”
Posted by a Criminal Defense Client client


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