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  • 4th of July Fireworks Safety

    We Americans love fireworks! It is estimated that more than one billion dollars are spent on fireworks every year, in America. And what better way to show off your patriotism than those red, white and blue explosions filling the night sky. But as spectacular as a dazzling fireworks display can be, they can also be […]

  • A Comprehensive Guide to the DMV in Colorado

    Trust me when I say, the DMV is just as big a pain in the butt for lawyers as is it for the general public. From long holds and long lines to rarely getting the same answer twice, the Colorado DMV lives up to all of the stereotypes and then some, hopefully this helps guide […]

  • Our Firm in the Press

    Our Firm gets results, see us in the press We handle many types of cases, and our firm has been in press extensively. We’ve handled cases which have received international media attention, and we’re frequently asked to comment on legal issues in the news. Our cases have received international media attention, as well as national […]

  • The Cost of Hiring a Cheap Defense Attorney in Colorado Springs

    Being charged with any criminal defense, whether DUI, domestic violence, or any other offense, is never planned and likely isn’t something you’ve been stashing money away for. Naturally, it’s tempting to search for “cheap criminal defense attorney in Colorado Springs”, or “cheapest DUI lawyer near me”, in hopes of finding someone who is willing to […]

  • How Much “Good Time” do I get in El Paso County, CO

    One question I’m frequently asked when dealing with jail or work release, is how much good time do I get? The short answer is, it depends, but I’ll break it down and try to provide a way for you to calculate the amount of time you may actually serve. First, we need to look at […]

  • How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Lawyer in Colorado?

    The cost of hiring a DUI attorney in Colorado Springs can vary greatly between attorneys, but the reality is, hiring the wrong attorney, may actually ending up costing you far more in the long run, and may even be worse than hiring no one at all. For this reason, you should at least speak with […]

  • Will Your DUI Case Get Dismissed if the Cop Didn’t Read You Your Miranda Rights?

    One of the most frequent questions I’m asked is whether or not the police officer needs to read your rights to you, after they contact you for a DUI. Unfortunately, there’s not really an easy answer. The idea of “reading your rights”, or giving the Miranda warning, comes from a 1966 United States Supreme Court […]

  • DUI Classes in Colorado. An Overview of Level II Education and Therapy

    If you receive a DUI charge in Colorado, chances are, you’ll have to do some kind of DUI classes/therapy through a state certified treatment provider. In fact, it’s possible to have the criminal charges outright dismissed and still have to do the DUI classes, since the DMV also requires it. So if you lose your […]

  • Arrested for a DUI in Colorado? This is what you can expect…

    You made a mistake. You’ve been arrested and charged with a DUI (or DWAI, or DUID). Here’s what you can you expect as you navigate this complex process. First, I need to state, I practice mainly in El Paso County (Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas), and while I’ve appeared in Court’s throughout the State, […]

  • Why Colorado’s Proposed Felony DUI Law is a Bad Idea

    It seems like just about every year the Colorado Legislature takes up the idea of creating a felony DUI law. Currently, Colorado joins Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Maine, as one of only five states that do not have some form of a felony DUI law. While most states make a third or subsequent offense […]

  • An Out-of-State Visitors Guide to Marijuana in Colorado

    Updated November 20, 2019. On December 10, 2012, Coloradans passed Amendment 64, effectively legalizing the possession and sale of marijuana in the State of Colorado, making Colorado one of two places in the world where an adult, over the age of 21 can legally possess and consume marijuana recreationally. Amendment 64 gave the State until […]

  • Steven Rodemer Selected as “Rising Star” by Super Lawyers

    Attorney Steven Rodemer has been selected to the 2014, 2015 and 2017 Colorado Rising Stars list by Super Lawyers. Each year, no more than 2.5 percent of the lawyers in the state are selected by the independent research team at Super Lawyers to receive this honor. You can view Steven Rodemer’s Attorney profile on the […]

  • Colorado Springs Vehicular Assault Case Dismissed

    On February 11, 2014, the District Attorneys Office agreed to dismiss a vehicular assault case in which three individuals, including my client were badly injured. The case was charged as a class four felony, with the potential of 2-6 years of imprisonment. Ultimately, the DA agreed there were serious flaws in their investigation, and accordingly, […]

  • Preparing for an Alcohol Evaluation in Colorado

    In Colorado, most jurisdictions use the alcohol evaluation to determine the treatment/classes you’ll be required to complete as part of any sentence in a DUI/DWAI case. Generally, the evaluation is completed through the probation department in the jurisdiction where the case is charged, but there are ways to get another jurisdiction to complete a “courtesy […]

  • DUI Classes in Colorado

    Many people charged with a DUI are surprised to learn that as part of their sentence in the criminal side of the case, they have to undergo mandatory classes. Moreover, depending on an individual’s situation, they may be forced to undergo the same classes in order to receive or maintain their drivers license. Under Colorado […]

  • Should I Take a Blood Test or a Breath Test if I’m Stopped for a DUI?

    Colorado DUI laws are complicated and when you’re being pulled over is no time to try and figure them out. One of the questions we get asked most often is, “what test should I take, or should I even take a test?” First, remember, one of the most important things you can do when being […]

  • How Many Points Do I Have On My License?

    Most states (but not all states) have what we call a “point system” used to track traffic offenses and ultimately drivers who accumulate too many points in a certain period of time can lose their license. One question that I’m commonly asked by an individual looking for an attorney to handle a traffic matter is […]

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