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Criminal Defense

If you have been accused of a crime, your future is suddenly on hold. A criminal conviction can cause more than the potential loss your freedom; it can cause you to lose your job, limit your employment options, destroy your reputation and standing in the community, and ruin your relationships with those you love…

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In most states in the U.S., being caught driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 will get you a DUI charge (Driving Under the Influence). Colorado has an additional charge, DWAI, Driving While Ability Impaired, which can apply at lower BAC levels if it can be shown that your ability to drive was affected to any degree whatsoever by alcohol, drugs, or a combination of both…

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Domestic Violence

In Colorado, you can be convicted of domestic violence if you are proven to have committed a crime or threat against a person with whom you are or were involved in an intimate relationship. Domestic violence is not a specific crime in itself; it does, however, enhance the penalties for any crime committed…

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Traffic Violations

Sometimes we tend to view traffic violations as little more than a nuisance, and many people simply give in and pay the fine without a fight, believing that there is little to be done in their defense. But traffic tickets can be expensive, resulting in fines, time-consuming driving school attendance, and points on your license that will raise your insurance rates…

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Drug Crimes

Although Colorado has a more tolerant attitude toward marijuana than some other states, legalizing medical marijuana and small amounts, up to an ounce, for recreational use, but make no mistake about it, serious drug crimes in this state come with serious penalties. If you are being investigated or have been arrested for a drug-related offense…

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Misdemeanor Crimes

Misdemeanors are lesser crimes than felonies and carry somewhat lighter penalties. That said, a misdemeanor is still a crime. Misdemeanors can cause you to be sentenced to jail time and fines that can have a deleterious effect on your pocketbook, and you may be required to perform time-consuming community service, anger management…

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Juvenile Crimes

A child or adolescent does not think like an adult. Minors are sometimes prone to errors in judgment that can put them into conflict with the law. If you are a parent whose child has been arrested, you may be feeling frantic. Your fears may be overwhelming as you worry that all of your hopes and dreams for your child’s future may be going down the tubes…

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Military Clients

When you are in the military, being convicted of certain crimes has additional ramifications above and beyond those faced by civilians. Domestic violence and drunk driving in particular have the potential to destroy a military career. When a member of the armed services commits a civilian crime, the outcome of the case can potentially result in a dishonorable discharge. If you have been questioned, arrested…

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Vehicular Homicide/Vehicular Assault

No one pulls out of the driveway to take a ride intending to do bodily harm to another person. But we know that a car is a dangerous piece of equipment, and accidents do happen. When they do, people sometimes get hurt. They sometimes even get killed. If you were the driver of a car that caused an injury or fatality in an accident, you are probably racked with remorse…

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Colorado’s Habitual Offender Statute

Colorado’s lawmakers, between 1979 and 1994, saw fit to pass laws mandating enhanced sentences for habitual offenders. It was expected that these long, scary sentences would have a deterrent effect on crime. Unfortunately, the law of unintended consequences has also been at work…

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Department of Motor Vehicle Issues

The Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles has the right to suspend your driver’s license in certain circumstances unrelated to any criminal proceedings. Losing your right to drive can wreak havoc with your life, so you will always want to have a lawyer with you at any DMV hearing. Three types of hearings are Express Consent Hearings, Point Suspension Hearings, and Provisional License Hearings…

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Civil Restraining Orders

A civil restraining order is meant to be a protective device preventing harm to someone in imminent danger from another person. Restraining orders are used to prevent domestic violence, child abuse, assault, threatened bodily harm, stalking, and elder abuse. A person seeking a restraining order must first apply to the court for a temporary order, which will set a return date for an evidentiary hearing to determine…

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Federal Court Criminal Defense

When you’ve been charged or investigated for a federal crime, having an effective federal criminal defense lawyer is a must. Federal prosecutors are known for their zealousness, the rules of the federal courts are complex, and federal sentences are harsh. Not all attorneys in Colorado accept clients accused of federal crimes…

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If you’ve ever been arrested, regardless of the disposition of your case, the record of your arrest is a matter of public record and will show up in a background check when you are applying for a job or housing, or if you are being vetted to run for public office. Arrest information is even made available on the Internet to the general public, where it can wreak havoc with your reputation…

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